About American Press Services

American Press Services Ltd provides the stamping industry with the most qualified technical talent at a fraction of the cost of the equipment manufacturers.

About Us

American Press Services is a full-service supplier to the stamping industry. Whether your equipment needs inspection, repair or refurbishment, the highly qualified team at American Press Services is here to help.

When it comes to maintaining and repairing stamping presses and auxiliary equipment, there is no time to waste. American Press Services offers a wide array of services and capabilities to perform complete, turnkey repairs and refurbishments.

Whether it is an inspection, a weld repair, troubleshooting, press rebuild, machining, or any other service your machine requires, American Press Services is here to get the job done in a timely manner, with superior skill and attention to detail.

Why Choose American Press Services?

Get the proper technical support, when you need it!
When you call American Press Services for support, a qualified technical representative is there to answer the phone and your questions. At American Press Services, there is no need for you to wait days or weeks for a technical response from another country, in another time zone. With technicians stationed in strategic locations, American Press Services minimizes response time, as well as overall cost of service.

Each American Press Service Ltd technician is factory-trained with extensive field service experience. Our team specializes in the inspection, diagnosis and repair of today’s complex stamping equipment systems.